For a precise and regular work, to corporate clients are offered 2 packets " " and " + " to choose. Both packets are based on not nominal VIP – cards, where it may be transfered any ammount, starting from 1000 MDL.
- providing services by means of one   card
On this card you can program any telephone numbers, from which you`ll call.
All calls will be made through one pin- code, registered in the company`s equipment. Don`t dial pin-code when dialing the destination number.
- providing services by means of two or more   cards
You`ll have the following possibilities
• Utilization of several pin-codes (2 or more)
• Distribution of financial resources in a percentage ratio (a more complete control of your account)  
• The possibility to receive detailed listing of calls for each card and for every phone number.  
•  Redistribution of  funds from one card to another
Additional free services for users of   and   packets
The manager`s presence for agreement`s conclusion
Telephones and mini-ATC programming
Express delivery of financial documents.
Non-Stop technical and informational support.
Required providing of telephone calls listing

Special offer for:
  1. Those who values the time.
  2. For whom quality is always on the first place.
  3. Those who frequently sends fax – messages.
New rate plan: "PREMIUM".
For additional information please contact our Customer Care Service, or the manager supervising your contract.