What you need for using the   service?
It is necessary for you to purchase in our company`s office or in points of sales the card, to have the modern push-button telephone, with the possibility of transition in a touch tone regime.
What`s that the touch tone mode?
At present in the public telephone networks are two types of dialing - pulse and tone mode. If the pulse mode is included, when dialing the numbers you can hear some characteristic "clicks", in the tone mode you can hear a "squeak". To switch the phone in the touch tone mode, you have to press the button with the symbol [*] or the button [Tone], on the majority of push-button telephones.
In what cities you can call, using the   card!?
You can call to almost any subscriber worldwide. For a more detailed information, please call to hotline ("Arax" customer care) - phone number 83-55-83,
How to become a VIP –client?
A VIP-client may become any subscriber who chooses to sign a contract of rendering services with our company.
Is it possible to call through an mini- ATS?
Yes, in fact this is a usual phone call. Besides, when programming mini- ATS it is possible to significantly simplify the dialing of numbers and PIN- code.
There is also a possibility to program the mini-ATS in such a way, so that when dialing a specific number (for example, 8) ATS automatically reach to the telephone sluice, and then, in the tone regime, automatically dial a specific PIN- code (for example, the one that is reserved for your office).
You must notice that each mini- ATS has its distinctive features, so it is necessary to consider this fact when programming.
Therefore, if you encountered some difficulties, our service engineer will always help you.
Why can`t I call?
1. Check up whether on your personal account reamained money.
2. Check up the order of dialing.  
Pay attention:
  - It is necessary to wait our system`s voice greeting.  
  - After code, dial subscriber`s number without 00 .
3. Check if your phone can be transferred into a tone regime. For this it is necessary to press key [*] and immediately after it any other number. If instead of the tone signal, you hear pulse signal, that means the problem is in the phone. In this case you should study the instruction and clarify how can you switch it into a tone regime. If you woun`t make it, you should use another phone.
4. When dialing the personal code, or the subscriber`s number, don`t make too wide interval of time (more than 5 seconds) between the pressures of the keys.
5. Check whether the country code you`re dialing exists in the list of the services we are providing.  
How to find out how much money is on your personal account.
You should call 1630, 0-1630, after choosing the language, enter your personal code, in case you are a VIP Client after calling to 1630, 0-1630 it`s enough just to press the key 0, or - our Customer Care Service will provide you with all the information you`ll require.
Is there a period of validity during which you can use your card?
Yes, on the card is indicated the period of validity, whatever, if at the moment of expiry, you still have money on your card, the period of validity will automatically be extended.
How does the tariffication occur?
For yellow cards "50", "75" or "150" calls are charged by second starting with first second. For green card "30" calls are charged by minute.
How to send faxes using the   card?
In the same way as from a usual phone.  When the called fax is answering, press [START].
What should you do if the faxes are not working?
Sometimes such problems arise when sending faxes by international telephone channels, and also through the Internet (when using the IP-telephony).  As a rule, it is caused by discrepancy of the communication channels` state and starting speed of the fax – device. In such cases, according to the instructions of some producers, you should reduce the starting value of the speed.
How to recharge your personal account?
Juridical person, who has an agreement on providing services, can do it in several ways.
1. To transfer the money on the settlement account of Arax-Impex, in conformity with the agreement on providing telephone conversation service.
2. To pay cash in company`s office.
Where can I call from, using the   card?
You can call from any place where a telephone with the touch tone regime is. This could be your home or work phone. The proper sum of money will be withdrawn automatically from your card.
Can you use the   card for calling from a mobile phone?
Of course you can. When you conclude a contract, or purchase a card, you receive a unique PIN-Code, by means of which you can call from any phone you wish supporting a touch tone regime. Practically all mobile phones work in touch tone regime. Thus, using a mobile phone for calling abroad, you will pay the local call through the cellular operator, plus our international connection. In the sum this will be considerably cheaper than if to  use the international cellular communication service.
Can I call from disk phones?
Yes it is possible, but only helped by a little device, named "beeper". This device with an independent power supply from clock`s elements contains touch tone generator, acoustic radiator and numeric keyboard. Using the disk phone you, as usually, dial the number of our server 1630, 0-1630. Having heard our system`s voice greeting, place the beeper against the phone`s microphone and further on, dial the number already with the help of its digital keyboard.
Can you simplify somehow the dialing process?
Yes, if you have a phone which supports numbers storage. Studying your phone`s instruction, find out how you can transfer it in the number`s programming regime.  
Program 3 keys.
1 key: 1630, or 0-1630 (access phone)
2 key: Your personal code;
3 key: Country code + City code + Subscriber`s number
In order to reach to the subscriber you need, it is necessary to act as follows:
1. Press the key 1;
2. Wait the `s voice greeting, chose the language: press 1 for Romanian, 2 for Russian, 3 for English; and press the programmed key 2  
3. Wait our system`s answer, if you dialed the right code, press the 3-d key.  
If you want to program only the access phone and the personal code without subscriber`s number, then it`s sufficiently to program just the first 2 keys, so the 3-d item you should make by your own.
Some phone sets, for example the majority of faxes, allow programming all the operation on one key.  
Example: 0-1630 PP personal code P 7095 xxx-xx-xx, where P is pause.
Can more people call through one PIN- code simultaneously?
Call through one PIN-Code in the same time, can just the customers who concluded a contract of providing services with a credit form of work. The credit can be given not at once after signing the contract, but after a while – under the discretion of our company. Clients that have debit cards can make simultaneously just one call.  
Can I call from another city using the   card?  
You can call by the card from any place in Moldova.
Can I order the delivery of cards?  
You can purchase cards in different points of sale – banks, post, different kiosks and shops (see the list). Also you may purchase it in our office, or order it with delivery to our Customer Care Service (Hot line) - phone 83-55-83.
If the subscriber I`m dialing is busy, what answer should I hear?
On account of the telephone sets variety used in public networks, the busy signal can be reflected in following ways:
1. You`ll hear the signal "busy" .
2. The system will announce you "User busy, please call later".
3. You`ll hear a signal similar to "gongs" with different tonalities.
There is still money on the card, but the system informs you: "Not enough funds left on your card".
You can make the call only when you have enough funds for a call with duration not less than 60 sec for the chosen direction. Supplement your account or purchase a new card. At the same time, the unspent sum will be transferred on your personal account.